About Onyx Neo

Established in Delhi, in 2006, Onyx Neo is the nation's leading manufacturer of Orthopedic and footcare products. Also one of the only manufactures of 100% pure platinum cured silicone footcare producs. We have established a great reputation for providing superior, world-class products and continually strive to exceed our customers expectations. We understand that if we take great care of our customers, they will take great care of us. We welcome customers looking for OEM manufacturing. By combining our strength, experience and expertise, we have created a strong organization. We are focused on earning the loyalty and trust of the professional health care communities and organisations.


  1. Total production is done under standard operative procedures designed in accordance to our products.
  2. Finished products are periodically checked for quality and products meeting the standards are released for sale.
  3. Regular training of production staff is done to maintain and improve the standards of production.
OEM Manufacturing.

We welcome customers looking for OEM manufacturing.